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  Be aware of a purely scam!
There are thousands of scam sites on the Internet. One of them is which was previously known as which has now taken a new name to snatch the hard earned income of innocent people.

They claim that they are providing online typing or form filling jobs and one can earn up to $8000 per week??? Does it seem realistic? Obviously it is not possible to earn this huge money with such nature of job. They are just pushing you in the world of dreams. They have no concern with the real world. All they are just promoting is a scam. They have not any legitimate job. They have kept their job very vague in the site. They just say only to fill forms and earn $ 5 per form. The demo provided tells you that just put the name and email address of a person and click to get $5 credit in your account. They don’t tell you that whose name and email address you have to put to get earnings. It’s a mystery which will be unwrapped when you will get registered with them.

But being one of the victimized of this scam site, the author intends to let you know this mystery. After wasting your hard earned $ 55 you will be brought to a very impersonal member area. Where you will be given five adds which will be almost same named as 1)Start your own online business. Sell e-books/software. Full reprint rights., 2)Earn tons of cash online by selling e-books/software, 3) Earn big money by selling e-books/software with your own website. Keep all profits for yourself, etc, along with a single link similar to to bring traffic thereon. You would be asked to list/publish these adds on free classified sites by searching your own on google. Further you would be told that whenever anyone will visit your link he would be required to give his or her name and email address. If the visitor provide his or her name and email address, an automated email would be sent to the visitor giving little information about the product. If the visitor further showed his interest to get detailed information about the product, whether he purchases or not, his name and email would be sent to your email address. This is the name and email which was required to put in the form to get $ 5 per form.

One can say by reading above that everything has been cleared now so why it is still a scam. The most important reason is the suspicious link provided. The member cannot go through his link at all even any of the member’s friend cannot go through his link just to verify that whether the whole process works or not. The transparency has not any concern with ezeejobs. If someone from the member’s country sees add on any classified site and tries to go through the member’s link, he will not be able to do so. A message will be appeared that IP address not allowed.

Lastly, they also offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days on the condition that one should give an honest try to their program. The author had made very honest try to their program and wasted a lot of days but did not receive any positive response. Moreover, whenever he attempted to email for refund claim, he only received an automated email from ezeejobs to keep it up and try other classified sites. He has not received any personal and customized reply from ezeejobs. It seems that it is only a machine which knows only to snatch money from innocent people.

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Best online scam free online jobs' sites on the basis of extensive search work. However, no guarantee offered of any site to be posted here. It would be highly appreciated if someone makes his own search on google, yahoo, msn, etc,. before joining any site posted here. Tip for search Write the name of site on google search bar followed by writing word 'scam' (e.g., scam or ezeejobs scam)
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